What’s On

November 21st – Andy Thomas, Researcher, Author and Broadcaster  “Unexplained Mysteries and Cover-Ups” covering UFOs and related phenomena…a lecture guaranteed to spark debate!

December 19th – Professor Andrew Coates – “Looking for Life-On- Mars with the Exo Mars 2020 – Rover 116 Mission”

January 16th 2019 – WAS Social plus Bob Turner F.R.A.S. – “Rainbows, halos, glories and auroras”

February 20th 2019 – Nick Quinn – “Amateur Meteor Studies in the 21st Century”

March 20th 2019 William Joyce F.R.A.S. – “Astrobiology”

April 17th 2019 Dr Dirk Froebrich – Hunting Outbursting Young Stars – a project that WAS members can participate in

May 15th 2019 Dr Chris Pearson – “A Decade to the Day of the Launch of the Herschel Observatory”

June 19th 2019 Steve Scott (Mission Director of Gee- Archaeological Survey) – “Pyramids, Temples and Sun Worship in Ancient Egypt”

July 17th 2019 David Pulley of the Local Group (Bexhill) – How do we Know they are all Planets?”

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